Sports and Performance Therapy

Sports medicine involves a comprehensive team of healthcare professionals including therapists, physicians, nutritionists, and exercise experts. Working with the outstanding team of physicians at Northern Arizona Orthopaedics and other regional sports physicians, our sports physical therapy programs are designed to return you to act quickly and safely. Performance focused physical therapy is designed to take you to the highest levels of conditioning and sports performance. From injury recovery, through sport specific therapy, to advancing your skill and conditioning, DPT has it all at our Summit Center and Summit Health and Fitness facilities. Our clients include world class athletes, Olympians, dancers, swimmers, rock climbers, skiers and more, Get the best care to be the best.

Our Sports and Performance Focused Physical Therapy includes:

  • Injury Prevention Programs
  • CrossTrain Fit and Strong Fusion Programs
  • Performance Enhancement Programs
  • Yoga and Pilates Training
  • Post-surgical Sports Rehabilitation
  • Return to Sport Functional Testing
  • Biomechanical Assessment
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Sport Specific Training Programs